Our Objectives

Africa on the Ball is about developing deprived communities through football.

Our objectives are:

Education & Development

Support and widen access to education and self-development opportunities;


Promote and support participation and social inclusion in sport, utilising it wherever possible as a vehicle to engage communities, overcome barriers and deliver key messages;


Empower communities to live healthy lives, free from HIV and AIDS;


Ensure Africa on the Ball is a financially and environmentally sustainable organisation, promoting the same value in communities in which we operate.


  • Committed, flexible and skilled people.
  • Effective marketing, communications and digital technology development.
  • Partnership working and productive collaborations. Currently we are working with other organisations and incorporating other programs such as: Kicking AIDS Out, Tackle Africa, Alive and Kicking, Friend of EduSport and Auderes.


Click here to download our business plan to learn read about our strategic plan for 2012 and further.