Our story

Africa on the Ball was started in 2011 by Andrew Jenkin and Elena Sarra. Following several trips to Lusaka through UKSport’s IDEAL project, Andrew was inspired to develop a model which could help communities through football and the power it holds within African society and culture.

Finances were raised for the project through a collection of fundraisers and continues to exist off the kindness of monthly donors who make the work possible. You can donate to their work here.

In 2011, a team was established in the compound of Kalingalinga and was sponsored to participate in the Lusaka Under 18’s league which the team gained promotion from in their first full season. The team, called ‘Kalingalinga on the Ball’, now play in the 5th tier of Zambia football. The boys are supported by a team of coaches who train and manage the team who are employed by Africa on the Ball (helping the create jobs in the area).

Since starting, Africa on the Ball has created a sponsorship program for members of the team unable to afford fees to go to school, helped create jobs for coaches, used football as a means to improve lives, led a First Aid training session to knowledge share with the team and started a litter picking project.

Although Africa on the Ball only currently works in Kalingalinga in Zambia, Lusaka, it aims to develop a successful development model which could be replicated in other communities around Africa.

Africa on the Ball intends to have an impact in the field of football and facilities, HIV/AIDS, finance, education and also in the UK in the form of volunteering.

Our values are to place emphasis upon education and empowerment, equality and sustainability.


  • In Zambia everyday 200 people become infected with the HIV virus. In Zambia the average life expectancy is just below 40 years of age.
  • According to ‘The Shackled Continent’, the Zambian government spends approximately 136 times more funds on University education than primary education.
  • Although there are many football academies in Africa, there are currently no national academies and none, which offer places to girls. Africa on the Ball would also be unique in the fact it subsidises tuition fees for its students and places a heavy emphasis on the value of education.