Our Vision

Our Vision:

We exist to empower, inspire and support African communities and individuals to lead full, healthy and sustainable lives. We ‘Change lives through Football’.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be an independent, dynamic, ambitious, ethical, socially inclusive and sustainable organisation which strives to empower African communities and individuals through sport and education in order to enhance the quality of their lives and self- development journeys.

Our Values:

Our past, current and future activities are all aiming to reflect our values listed here:

Social inclusion & Diversity

Africa on the Ball has a strong ethos around promoting the inclusion of all members of society and champion equality in participation. We believe diversity makes communities stronger and therefore embrace any opportunity to promote cross-cultural exchanges and partnerships.


Africa on the Ball believes in the importance of education to empower nations and communities to achieve better living conditions.

Role Models

We believe it is our responsibility to serve as role models in the communities in which we operate and promote the same ethos to anyone who becomes involved in what we do. We are committed to promoting social responsibility and empower future role models to inspire their communities.


We are committed to promote and achieving financial and environmental sustainability in everything we do and all communities in which we operate.


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