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This is now my 4th time to Zambia in 5 years, and the country still continues to fascinate me, surprise me and warm me.

Following some considerable time working with UKSport and the Wallace Group of Universities on the IDEALS students, I co-founded an organisation called Africa on the Ball in the community of Kalingalinga, situated here in Lusaka.

The purpose of Africa on the Ball is to develop communities using the cultural and social value of football as a vehicle to help the advancement of education, healthcare and finance. We started working in Kalingalinga in 2011 and have developed a development model centred around the team we support, Africa on the Ball FC.

This is the second successive year I’ve been to visit our project, run by Project Manager Kelvin Chasauka, and the developments we’ve made even from 12 months ago are startling. I’m truly proud of every single person involved in Africa on the Ball and the successes we’ve achieved to date.

From this time last year we’ve achieved the following:

  • Our second league promotion (the club are currently sitting top of Zambia’s 5th tier)
  • The startup and establishment of the food programme for the boys on the team
  • The sponsorship of defender Mabvuto Mbewe to complete his schooling
  • The start up of the community pay back scheme in which those sponsored to go to school repay their fees in kind to community
  • $800 towards buying a bus for the community
  • A brand new website thanks to Maverick Digital and Pimp My Cause
  • The recruitment of new volunteers
  • Global media presence and exposure
  • Received great donations from charities, non-profits and youth and professional clubs within Scotland

During my own time here in Zambia I look forward to developing our leadership programme to ensure the boys in the team can be true role models for younger members of the community, working together with Sandlanders FC to grow and develop our club sustainably and providing kit and equipment to the community to ensure we’re helping all members of Kalingalinga through sport.


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