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We’re trying to buy a bus for the community of Kalingalinga! Watch this video below to find out more.


Our Project Manager Kelvin Chasuaka wrote a blog about what it would mean to the community of Kalingalinga to buy a bus:

Benefits of having a Team Bus.

“I remain hopeful and keen that, purchasing a bus for Kalingalinga On The Ball will be a reality.

This idea, initially having brought up from the local and being interpreted by our colleagues from Scotland so that; our community team (AOTB) can benefit from having a team bus. However, the bigger picture is not just about the actual team but also for the entire community, which will massively benefit from the bus through various activities the bus will be undertaking during its operation.

The main essence is for the local people such as myself to take ownership so as to ensure the bus will enable our boys and hopefully our earmarked girls team make use of it during our away fixtures and any other related activity the teams is involved in away from home. Positively, the bus will plough back finances into the community.








We believe the bus; will also help us financially as it will be operating during the week either as public or private hired transport for a certain amount of fee. And therefore, we will be able to handle and deliver all activities that requires finances such as the school sponsorship program, litter picking, our home fixtures and also not forgetting the person who will driving the bus.

Therefore. I would like to humbly thank everyone whose donated, and who are currently donating towards this noble cause a Huge Thank you goes to you all, we are hopeful of making this cause a reality because, we believe their people out there like you with big and hearts, and knowing that you believed in us from the word go!

Lets donate and change lives!!”


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