Please think of us whenever you’re buying online, as you could help us raise much needed money through EasyFundraising.

EasyFundraising.org.uk is a great way to raise raise money for organisations like ours and what’s great is you don’t pay anything extra.

So far they’ve raised over £5 million for causes throughout the UK and we’ve raised over £200 through them.


In order to activate any donations, you first need to support our cause through this link.

Then, whenever you’re online shopping, visit EasyFundraising, find the online retailer you want to shop when and follow the link. We’ll receive a percentage of whatever you spend – it really is that simple!

If you’re worried you might forget to visit EasyFundraising whenever you’re going to buy something, download the Find and Remind toolbar. The toolbar tells you when a donation is available when you’re shopping online. People who have downloaded it raise 5 times more as they never miss out on valuable donations!