Donny Embarks on Africa on the Ball Adventure

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Donny McCormick, a two time law graduate from the University of Stirling, will in January 2015 be leaving swapping Scotland for Lusaka to help Africa on the Ball achieve Non-Governmental Organisation status in Zambia.

While Africa on the Ball is currently an OSCR registered SCIO entity in Scotland, it currently holds no legal form in Zambia where much of the charity’s work is performed. Donny, who has been unemployed since graduating University and wishes to put his skills to good use, will be tasked with completing our application for the status.








Donny who will be spending four months in Zambia has been keen to gain employment in the UK but has so far found employment in his chosen field hard to come by. Donny, 29, said “I have been determined to utilise my skills to make myself a living but, unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful. I therefore decided to make use of these skills for the benefit of those less fortunate.”

Donny will be footing much of the trip’s expenses at his own cost and has been crowdfunding to help fund his efforts. You can donate towards Donny’s costs by visiting his Fundraiser page here.

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