AOTB and EZ Sport Form Food Programme Sponsorship

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Africa on the Ball are pleased to announce Scottish Fitness and Nutrition suppliers EZ Sport are to sponsor their food programme in Kalingalinga, Zambia.

EZ Sport who hold shops in Stirling and Edinburgh will sponsor the charity’s food project which was established last year to provide a source of nutrition to the players of ‘Kalingalinga on the Ball’, some of whom cannot afford to eat regular meals.

Chris Crowe of EZ Sport, and also a sponsor of one of the charity’s players was pleased to be involved.

EZ Sport are committed to giving back, and this sponsorship was a fitting combination of sport and nutrition which we were really enthused to get involved with. It’s great to know that we are giving to a charity which really is on the ground making a difference, and this was one of the deciding factors for us, to know that the modest support we can give, will really get into the hands of those who really need it”

Africa on the Ball Co-Founder and Director Andrew Jenkin was delighted with the contribution from EZ Sport.

“The sponsorship of our food programme is a massive benefit to our work and will enable us to develop our reach and impact within deprived communities throughout Africa. All involved in Africa on the Ball, both in Scotland and Zambia are extremely appreciative to EZ Sport for their support and sponsorship of this aspect of our work. Good nutrition is very important to both a players performance and personal development and as the team in Zambia develops and climbs up the league, it’s great we’ve got this support from EZ Sport which will give us a solid foundation to continue to grow on and off the pitch”.

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