Luangwa Valley on the Ball

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Africa on the Ball are delighted to be involved in the community development work of Luangwa Valley by supporting their sport programme in the region. In partnership with the British charity, the High 5 Club, Africa on the Ball have provided kit and equipment to the region and helped organised a tournament among the community.

Mnkhanya FC full squad








Isaac Banda, coordinator of much of the work taking place within the region, uploaded footage from the recent AOTB tournament which can be seen here.

Isaac said “AOTB is getting shape and growing faster in the Luangwa Valley. It was such fantastic tournament which Mnkhanya FC won 1-0″.

AOTB also supported a netball programme which girls from across the community part-took in.

This marks the start of a fruitful partnership in which AOTB hopes it can use sport to help empower and educate young people across Luangwa. In the future, the organisation has plans with the High Five Club to use sport to help converse wildlife and the surrounding environment of the rural Luangwa Valley.

Lubaneni Netball girls Team

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