Glasgow on the Ball

In 2015, we started a football club in Scotland as a way to raise funds for our growing work in Africa. We run the club the way we want to see every club run – friendly, open and accessible to all.

Our model is simple, players make a weekly (or monthly) payment to cover the running costs of the club with anything extra being donated to the charity. To date, Glasgow on the Ball has helped raise over £3000 for our work in Zambia and the Gambia.

The club play in the Glasgow Community and Cooperative League (GCCL) with likeminded clubs from across Glasgow. The GCCL aims to create an organised and well administered Sunday football competition where sides from across west central Scotland can take part regardless of age or ability, but more importantly, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. Violence, intimidation and unsporting behavior are sadly common aspects of Sunday League football in Scotland. None of which will be welcome, nor tolerated in the GCCL.

If you’d like to get involved with Glasgow on the Ball, reach us via our Facebook page or on Twitter.