Kalingalinga on the Ball FC

Our aims to develop deprived communities in Africa centre round the establishment of community clubs. We established our team in Kalingalinga in 2011, helping fund their participation in the Lusaka league. We have profiled all members of the team to see who would be most eligible for education sponsorship (read more here) and helped find them sponsors.

The team in central to our model for Kalingalinga’s development. They’ve enjoyed overwhelming success, including back to back promotions, and are now competing in Zambia’s fifth tier. With football being such a global multi-million pound industry, we plan to use our club for Kalingalinga’s benefit. For example, if one of our players is signed for a bigger club and there is a fee involved, this will go back into Kalingalinga’s development (as voted for by a council).

Kalingalinga FC is a member of the Sandlanders Network and is owned by the community of Kalingalinga.

Our successes with the team to date include:

-       Giving young people in Kalingalinga a focus (read more about the role of the club in Kelvin’s life) and using football to teach life lessons (like hard work, determination, team work and communication).

-       The employment of four staff members (find out more about them here)

-       Back to back promotions to Zambia’s 4th tier

-       The establishment of a council to vote on community development matters

-       The funding of coaches to develop and grow through Zambian FA coaching courses

-       The sponsorship of team members and their repayment in kind to Kalingalinga

{Details about below copy: The last line is their favourite team and player. The line before is what they want to do. The line before that is their educational status and the line before that is their parental situation.}

Bernard Mwanza, Assistant

2 brothers 1 sister – older brother
Lives with grandmother
Finished 9th grade
Wants to be an accountant
AoTB, Ronaldinho

Sponsored by Gregor Goodwin









Castro Siakotela, Attacking midfield,

1 brother 2 sisters
Both parents alive
Grade 9
Wants to be an accountant
Manchester City, kaka

Sponsored by Chris Jenkin









Francis Zulu, Strike

2 brothers 2 sisters
Both parents alive
9th grade
Wants to become a journalist or footballer
Arsenal, Van Persie

Sponsored required

Goodson Tembo, CB

1 sister 2 brothers
Both parents alive
Grade 9
Man U, Ferdinand

Sponsored by Adam Pritchard









Jacobs Zulu, Midfield

3 brothers 1 sister
Both parents alive not working
Lack of money so not in school
wants to play football or be a teacher
AotB, Issac Chansa (Zambian)

Mabvuto mbewe, Defender

1 sister 14 year sold
Older brothers from father side – notin touch
Father died 2000 mother2003
Lives with aunt
Grade 9
Aunt was paying tuition, then died
Uncle pays for little sister tuition fees

Sponsored by Elena Sarra









Peter Zulu, Goalkeeper

2 brothers 4 sisters
Both parents alive – father is a salesman, mother is a house maid
Not at school because of no money – 7th Grade
Wants to go back to school
Footballer, wants to be a solider
Manchester United, Van da Sar

Sponsored required

Josphat Mjobvu, Right Back

4 Sisters 1 Brother
Lives with Mother. Father died from heart attack in 2004.
Mother is a volunteer and sometimes can’t afford to support family.
Building work for money.
Grade 11. Mother pays for tuition but hasn’t yet paid for schooling.
Barcelona, Messi
Why I like AOTB: It’s a good side and I want to develop a lot and will help me achieve my future.
Wants to play football but also wants to be a doctor and wants to get into business.

Sponsored required

Kambani Sakala, Midfield

Date of birth: 3/3/1998
Siblings: 1 sister and 1 brother
Parental status: Both parents alive
What guardian(s) do: Father works as a garden attendant
Level of schooling & aspiration: 11th Grade – wants to be a lawyer and study at Lusaka university
Why I like AOTB: Gives me focus, something to do and helps me avoid drinking and smoking and playing for this team helps give me some discipline
Favourite team & player: Man City, Xavi

Sponsored required