Play Football – Change Lives! Join a Glasgow on the Ball’s Women Team

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We’d love to hear from women and girls interested in playing football here in Scotland to support our growing activities in Zambia and the Gambia.

In 2015, we started a football club in Glasgow as a means of raising funds for our growing activities in Zambia and the Gambia.

Our model is simple, players make a weekly (or monthly) payment to cover the running costs of the club (and fulfilling our fixtures) with anything extra being donated to the charity. To date, Glasgow on the Ball has helped raise over £3000 for our work in Zambia and the Gambia.

At the same time, we started a women and girl’s empowerment programme in Zambia. Now fully up and running, the K-Town Queens have over 40 weekly participants and play in a local league. We use the setup to help support the girls with their education and future aspirations.

Now, in line with the charity’s ethos of providing sport for all and to help support our fledging women and girls empowerment programme in Zambia, we’re interested in starting a Womens team here in Glasgow.

We’d love to hear from any interested individuals. If you’re interested in find out more and hear news about the team’s development, please sign up by subscribing to the list below.

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