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We were delighted to start our football programme for women in Zambia this year.

With the help and support of the Wallace Group (and in particular Jess Brown, one of the project’s students), we’ve been able to attract a group of 40 young women in Kalingalinga, Lusaka, who have been attending coaching sessions and participating in football training and matches. The group (now known as the K-Town Queens) have already benefited from coaching from members of the Mens team in Kalingalinga, Jess and other Wallace Group students.

Building on the success we’ve enjoyed with the men’s programme in Kalingalinga, we’ve been keen to ensure women have equal access to sport and that we remove as many barriers as possible to their participation in sport. With that, we’ve been delighted to welcome Jess Brown as our Female Empowerment officer who will be working with the charity to ensure we as an organisation are able to assist as many members of the Womens programme as much as possible.

In the near future, we’ll be undertaking a profiling of the women involved in the programme to gain a better understanding of their parental and educational background to see who may be able to benefit from educational scholarship funding or potential microcredit business start up capital. However, we need our friends and supporters to make our proposed work possible and to ensure that we’re helping sustainable community growth through sport. With this, we’re asking if you can make a small monthly contribution specifically for the charity’s work empowering women in Zambia through sport.

By following the link below, you’ll be able to start a monthly donation or make a one-off contribution to our work. If you’re supportive of the charity’s work, please do give whatever you can afford to spare so we can continue to grow healthy communities through sport.









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