Sport For Dev

Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else can.” Nelson Mandela.

You don’t need to look any further than Africa to see these words in action and is a philosophy which inspired the development of Africa on the Ball.

By far the continent’s most popular sport, football can be used as a vehicle for development.

We believe sport is a great tool for community building as well as fighting against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

We aim to capitalise on the global popularity of the football and the rising interest in African talent to combine football with business for the benefit of communities. Our innovative model will use business principles and skills to develop income generating programmes which can produce capital for education and healthcare throughout our areas of work.

To date, we’ve used sport as a vehicle for the development of education and healthcare in Kalingalinga, Zambia, through our community development and sport model.

Soccer in Zambia, at least to me, is a special weapon. In Soccer, you don’t ask what tribe this man belongs to, in soccer you don’t look at the colour of the man, it is just soccer the game, uniting the Zambian nation“.

Dennis Lewewe, Zambian Commentator.