Mabvuto’s Story


Mabvuto is Kalingalinga on the Ball’s rock in defence and has played for the team in this position since 2011.  A strapping six foot tough tackler, Mabvuto is a gentle giant. Unfortunately both Mabvuto’s parents died when he was young, forcing him to go live with one of his aunts. When she sadly passed away, Mabvuto went to live with his only remaining adult relative, his other aunt. She, however, was unable to afford his tuition fees and since then Mabvuto has been unable to attend school, until 2012 when Elena started sponsoring him to finish his studies. He is now responsible for litter picking around Kalingalinga, as a way to give back to his community whilst playing for the team and completing his studies. Mabvuto’s last school reports saw him finish at the top of his class and being awarded a Best Performing Pupil Award for grade 11.

A talented, determined and hard working young man, we have no doubt Mabvuto has a bright future! You can hear Mabvuto talk about how Africa on the Ball has helped him here.