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Shortly after we founded Africa on the Ball as a charity, we formed a community focused and orientated football team in Kalingalinga, the main area we’re working in, called Kalingalinga on the Ball. Kalingalinga on the Ball is a football club like no other. Many clubs do lots of good things to help people and their communities, often through charitable arms linked to the club, but helping others is the reason we exist, not an after thought, nice extra or add on. We treat Kalingalinga on the Ball like a social enterprise, a club that puts helping people above success and money. The club includes our full mens team, girls team ‘The K-Town Queens’ and community teams.

Restrictions on our growth as a charity

Africa on the Ball’s work, both in Zambia, is entirely funded by a small base of loyal supporters and our fundraising activities in the UK. While the donations we’ve received over the years have gradually risen, we’re growth and impact in Africa is restricted and we’ve been unable to access further development through support from several grant funders by not having a ‘sufficient’ turnover.

It’s for this reason we’ve formed the Kalingalinga on the Ball Supporters Club, we can become everyone’s second favourite team who deliver results in the community, not just on the pitch. Together as a community of like minded individuals, our strength in numbers, we will have the resources to give our this community and its club the best possible chance of achieving success and reaching our objectives.

Successful football team

While community development is always at the forefront of everything we do as an organisation – we also acknowledge the role sport has upon inspiring people to excel and reach their potential in life – so while trophies aren’t important to us, we would like to see Kalingalinga on the Ball rise from our current position in the fourth division to the first to show our model works and football can be run different. However, it’s important to note the competitive aspect of Kalingalinga on the Ball will never be to the detriment of our activities. Players will never be paid to play and we will seek to implement innovative models which allow us to support the community and its local club.


Our future for plans for work in Kalingalinga and with Kalingalinga on the Ball include:

– The development of a changing room that doubles up as a community learning centre in Kalingalinga
– Recruitment of further coaches who can help take our programmes to deprived areas and groups such as orphanages, HIV/AIDS support groups, rural areas and special need schools.
– Support to our partner orphanage ‘Our Fathers House’
– Funding and delivery in the local schools
– The development of a homeless shelter
– The development of the Kalingalinga community pitch
– The purchase of a team bus to help Kalingalinga on the Ball get to their games but also be used to help community members get to local
– The establishment of a community academy
– The development of a Walking Football programme for over 65s in the area
– An increase microfinance programme to support team members after school and to support the development of social enterprises in the area

Benefits of joining the supporters club:

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– Free Africa on the Ball wristband and badge
– Africa on the Ball newsletter (including exclusive content from Kalingalinga from staff and team members) & mention on our ‘Supporters Club’

Silver Membership
Kalingalinga Football T-Shirt 
– All in Bronze Membership

Gold Membership
– Official Glasgow on the Ball shirt for 2018/19 season
– And all in Bronze and Silver Membership

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