We’ve Reached $500!

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We’re happy to announce we have reached the first $500 mark in our efforts to buy a bus for the community of Kalingalinga.
We started fundraising last month for a bus to help our team travel to their away games and become a source of sustainable income for the community with proceeds going towards to the advancement of health and education in Kalingalinga.
Through 9 different donations we’ve crossed the first milestone on our journey to buy the bus. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has donated so far. Many of our perks for donating have also been claimed including thank you packs, signed calendars and Africa on the Ball mugs.
Our project manager Kelvin Chasauska based in Kalingalinga said “Having reached 500 dollars on our campaign, it gives us HOPE, as we as know and believe the positive difference the Bus will have in our community”
There is still 31 days to make a donation towards our target and all donations are most welcome.

When asked why she donated to our Buy A Bus Campaign, Helen Young said “I’ve seen how my local team has been the driving force for change and development in the community, the passion for a team can be stronger than any other organisation. This was a lot of the reason why I decided to support the campaign, I see the organisation itself and the ‘Buy a Bus’ campaign as a way to give some similar structure and passion to the community in Kalingalinga. I sometimes forget how lucky we are as a nation, and how we can take simple things for granted like transport, health and education – Africa on the Ball aims to address these things while trying to give the children within the community the best start to life.”

The campaign was created by marketing agency Maverick Digital who were put in touch with Africa on the Ball via Pimp My Cause.



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