World Environmental Day in Kalingalinga

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By Kelvin.

World environmental day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. UNDP in conjunction with the Lusaka City Council, on the 4th of June hosted a cleaning campaign in Kalingalinga, which saw different groups from all over the community gathered to take part in campaign.

In attendance was some youth groups, school pupils, athletes from Africa On The Ball and member’s from Kalingalinga EduSport.

The cleaning wasn’t done through out Kalingalinga but part of it. However, regardless of that is was essential towards promoting and maintaining clean and healthy environment.

Promoting of cleaning the environment and also managing waste could not only promote a good healthy. It can also promote employment through recycling process, which is rarely done in our communities.

This year’s world environment day was celebrated under the theme “Eat. Think and Save” theme clearly emphasized the ignorance the people have towards their surrounding. It was impressive to have a great response from our community member in attendance, which were willing to learn and participate in the cleaning.

It our hope and wish that this campaign will have a positive legacy to those community members who took part in the campaign and that, they will be able to become the agent of change in their surrounding and the community at large.

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